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Rising to Extraordinary Challenges

Needless to say, these are unprecedented times. As I write this, dealerships across the country have shut down and some OEMs are adjusting their production to manufacture ventilators instead of cars. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  

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Here at Babcox Media, AutoSuccess’ parent company, mid-March we instated a work-from-home policy until further notice. Like a dealership, most of our employees are in one building, spoiled by the ability to walk over to a co-worker’s desk to discuss an issue. But this crisis has “exiled” us to our home offices and we’re quickly adapting to this changing landscape.  

The first few days weren’t so pretty. We’ve had static-filled conference calls, internet/WiFi failures and various family interruptions. But then, a few days in, we started working out the kinks, finding new ways to keep our business moving forward.   


I’m extremely proud, if I may say so, of the many automotive industry companies that have quickly adapted and restructured their offerings to help dealers and, ultimately, their customers. Dealer vendors’ ingenuity to transform their companies so quickly amazes me. There are too many to name in this space, so please check out our News section on AutoSuccessOnline.com for updates. 

It’s no surprise to me that dealers have also stepped up in extraordinary ways. 

“From increased sanitizing and cleaning to maintaining social distancing, auto dealerships are doing everything they can to keep their customers, employees and communities safe during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Juliet Guerra, NADA director of media relations. She reported that dealers are expanding their pickup and delivery for servicing, instituting new marketing plans focused on shopping from home, providing employee assistance in the form of emergency paid time off and childcare policies and helping at-risk groups such as offering a free oil change and tire rotation to senior customers.  


I’d like to take this opportunity to applaud NADA for its continuous efforts in fighting for dealers’ rights and benefits.  

This time reminds us that as leaders, we need to be constantly evolving. Whether it’s autonomous vehicles, car vending machines, the coronavirus or the next big shockwave to hit the industry and the world, adapting our businesses quickly and efficiently is how we’re going to stay in business and excel.   

Take care.

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