Easily Restore Catalytic Converter Performance

Easily Restore Catalytic Converter Performance

Rislone Cat Complete clears P0420 diagnostic codes and improves catalytic converter efficiency.

When a customer has a vehicle with a check engine light glowing, and the OBD II reader shows a P0420 or related (P0421, P0430, P0431) code, it’s probably because there’s an issue with the catalytic converter efficiency.

Rislone recommends its Rislone Cat Complete Fuel, Exhaust & Emissions System Cleaner (P/N 4720) as a quick and easy solution for clearing the code and restoring catalytic converter performance.

This advanced formulation product cleans the entire emissions and exhaust system, as well as the fuel system. It reduces zinc and phosphorous catalyst contamination to restore catalytic converter function and uses synthetic detergents to remove intake valve deposits (IVD), combustion chamber deposits (CCD) and other fuel deposits. The formula also includes a combustion catalyst to improve gas mileage and deliver smoother idling and better throttle response. 

“To explain to your customers why P0420 or related codes should not be ignored, point out that triggering the code means that catalytic converter is not efficiently removing exhaust pollutants,” says Clay Parks, vice president of development for Rislone. “Not only does this mean the vehicle won’t pass emissions tests, it also can result in poor fuel mileage, reduced power and decreased vehicle performance. What’s more, even though an inefficient converter itself isn’t a hazard to the driver or passengers, it can overheat and damage engine components, leading to vehicle breakdown and expensive repairs.”

Rislone Cat Complete Fuel, Exhaust and Emissions System Cleaner is formulated with high-performing detergents and heavy-duty cleaning solvents that effectively scrub and remove contaminants, soot, carbon build-up, and oily residue from the fuel injectors, combustion chambers, turbo, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and the exhaust. Other active chemical ingredients react with the gases created in the combustion process to remove the remaining inorganic deposits. This restores their function and, with regular use, maintains efficiency. 

Cat Complete can offer an affordable alternative to replacing inefficient catalytic converters. It’s also effective after failing an emissions test. It reduces tailpipe, HC, CO and NOx emissions and restores lost performance. In addition, regular use every three months “tunes-up” the fuel, exhaust and emissions systems to keep them clean and to prevent the check engine light from recurring. 

Rislone offers a money-back guarantee. Visit cel-reset.com/refunds for details on product refunds and requirements. 

Rislone CAT Complete will not void manufacturers’ new vehicle warranties. It is specifically designed for vehicles with oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, and works on all fuel-injected, direct-injected, carbureted, turbo, GTDI, Ecotec and EcoBoost gasoline engines. Installation is easy and the bottle is designed to work in all gas tanks, including standard, obstructed and capless (no fuel cap) systems. It’s EPA registered, exceeds EPA compliance performance criteria and is legal in all 50 U.S. states.

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