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Quantum5 Acquires ESI Trends, Launches ESi-Q

Quantum5 announced today the completion of their acquisition of ESI Trends, rebranding the solution as ESi-Q, and providing Quantum5 clients a comprehensive analysis of a company’s culture before training begins. 

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For the last decade, ESi-Q, formerly ESI Trends, has paved the way for a new approach to dealership employee retention, one completely focused on team culture. As a research, consulting and training company, ESi-Q collects millions of payroll records and employee surveys to track compensation, engagement, turnover, retention and trends in workforce demographics. This wealth of data makes ESi-Q your best source for automotive HCM norms and benchmarks.

“The addition of ESi-Q to the Quantumfamily enables us to provide superior culture analysis at a store well before we go in to conduct the client training,” said David O’Brien, co-founder of Quantum5. “By implementing ESi-Q, we are now able to track the culture of each individual dealership and design and provide a program that uniquely matches the store’s current cultural strengths and obstacles.’


One of the first things dealerships will benefit from is the comprehensive reporting and analysis that comes with the ESi-Q phase of the training program. Before training begins, a skills assessment and CRM review is performed to gauge competency and spot problem areas within both the people and the processes performed at the dealership. 

“By combining Quantum5’s top notch training programs and app along with the incredible insights that come from the ESi-Q analysis, we are able to get to the heart of what type of training is needed and how it can best be delivered for maximum impact,” said Ted Kraybill, founder and president of ESI Trends. 


Kraybill and the entire ESI Trends team are staying in place to continue their mission alongside Quantum5, and the company will continue to publish the popular NADA Dealership Workforce Study in partnership with the National Automobile Dealers Association.

“We’re on a mission to make training more sustainable and valuable for each learner. We don’t adhere to the “do what we say” approach to training, we instead want to learn how we can adapt the learning to each individual. This acquisition represents a very clear line on how we get there. We’re very excited to have ESi-Q as the newest member of the Quantum5 family,” said O’Brien. 


For more information on ESi-Q and how it optimizes employee performance for improved retention and increased profits, please visit Quantum5.ai/esiq.

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