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Privacy4Cars New Suite of Tools Helps Dealers Protect Privacy

Privacy4Cars announced a suite of new tools that further the company’s mission of Driving Privacy and protecting owners and drivers from the dangers of leaving personal information behind in vehicles. Available today, Privacy4Cars’ proprietary Identity Theft Protection Program is the first program designed for the automotive industry that offers consumer protections against vehicle-related cyber threats, while its new ‘Laws by Geography’ interactive map feature serves as a free tool that consumers, legislators and lawyers alike can access to easily identify and understand each state’s local vehicle privacy laws. 

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“Privacy4Cars is leading industry innovation by creating accessible tools that are specific to vehicle privacy, safety, security and compliance,” said Andrea Amico, Privacy4Cars founder and renowned cybersecurity and privacy expert. “With the introduction of these new tools, we aim to help protect auto businesses and the consumers they serve at all stages of the vehicle privacy cycle. We are excited to be the first in the industry to bring these two groundbreaking concepts to life and look forward to releasing additional tools to further benefit our customers in the coming months.”

The new Identity Theft Protection Program is a way for auto businesses, including dealerships, auto lenders, insurers, fleets and rentals to offer privacy and ID theft protection to vehicle users. During the pandemic, Identity Theft grew nearly threefold. Vehicles are increasingly connected, and collect and share enormous amounts of data. Despite the reassurances of the industry, in 2020 alone, data/privacy breaches accounted for 36% of all automotive cyber incidents. “A Privacy4Cars poll of over 500 consumers who purchased a vehicle in recent years revealed that 83% were willing to purchase a service where they get a certificate of data deletion and a protection of their identity and personal information when buying, selling or leasing cars – so that’s what we engineered,” said Amico. The service exists in both a basic offering for drivers (bundled with Privacy4Cars’ deletion certificates) and a more advanced multi-year protection for the entire household that can be sold at the F&I. Both can be purchased at the dealership or the rental counter and can be activated and managed by the Privacy4Cars platform. The service can also be purchased directly through Privacy4Cars on the app (currently available in the App Store and on Google Play).


To round out its new offering, Privacy4Cars released a free interactive map tool, Laws by Geography, that helps consumers, legislators and lawyers quickly see what laws regulate the protection of data collected by vehicles on a State by State level. By simply clicking on a State, site visitors can review a list of existing laws and pending statutes on data security, data breach, data disposal, biometric, cybersecurity, and privacy laws. Each offers a concise summary of the legal implications for auto businesses and directly links to the statutes. 

“Whenever we talk to companies, sooner or later there is a legal risk review,” said Amico. “By making this Laws by Geography tool free to use and easy to access, we hope to make it easier to understand and verify how leaving this data behind is concerning for both the vehicle users and the businesses who have the title of the vehicle.” The Laws By Geography tool is available on the Privacy4Cars website under its growing ‘legal resources’ section, here.


For more information about Privacy4Cars, and its new suite of groundbreaking vehicle privacy tools, please visit 

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