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Privacy4Cars’ Vehicle Privacy Report 2.0: More Features, Expansion into Europe

The new report doubles geographical coverage and deepens vehicles’ data practices analysis of manufacturers by adding privacy implications of infotainment apps and more.

Accelerate2Compliance Partners with Privacy4Cars for Suite of Vehicle Privacy Solutions

Comprehensive security solutions help protect personal data from cyber threats.

Privacy4Cars Launches First Vehicle Privacy Report Tool

Free service gives consumers instant privacy snapshot of their vehicle.

Harnessing the Power of First-Party Data to Thrive

As dealerships, we often want what we don’t have, and data is no exception.

The Quiet, Billion-Dollar Liability Auto Finance & Insurance Companies Face

With fines that can cost up to $7,500 per occurrence and with 273 million vehicles on the road today, not deleting the personal information in vehicles constitutes a multi-billion-dollar exposure for the automotive industry.

Privacy4Cars New Suite of Tools Helps Dealers Protect Privacy

Identity theft protection program is a way for dealers to offer privacy and ID theft protection to vehicle users.

Protecting Consumer Personal Information: Risks and Opportunities for Dealerships

Dealerships may also discover that the rising attention to privacy can present opportunities to better serve their clientele and to offer services addressing the protection and peace of mind they demand.

Podcast: Cyber Criminals and Consumer Data Privacy

Erik Nachbahr, president and co-founder for Helion Technologies, joins us to discuss cyber criminals and consumer data privacy.

Consumer Data Privacy Revolution is Underway

Data breaches are happening on an almost daily basis, exposing customer addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers and other sensitive information.

Human Resources: Monitoring Employees While Staying Within Legal Boundries

The digital age has made it possible to monitor nearly every aspect of an employee’s life, from reading email messages to tracking an employee’s physical location.

Car Wars’ Newest AI Feature Protects You From Costly Privacy Violations

Cari, Car Wars’ artificial intelligence agent, pioneers AI security with her ability to recognize and protect sensitive information handled over the phone.

Privacy and Personal Data in Rental/Loaner Vehicles

Complimentary services, such as car washes and windshield washer refills, leave customers feeling good about your service department. But there’s another way you can make them not only feel good but also safer, and it’ll only take a few minutes of your time.