MyKaarma Improves Service Experience with Uber Vouchers Integration
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MyKaarma Improves Service Experience with Uber Vouchers

myKaarma, a customer interaction management software solution for automotive dealer service departments, has announced an expanded partnership with Uber for Business to include Uber Vouchers, a web-based tool that allows myKaarma auto dealerships to sponsor rides with Uber.

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myKaarma’s Uber integration already provides auto dealer service departments with a seamless and efficient transportation solution to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Uber Vouchers further enhances customer service with an elevated door-to-door experience that covers the cost of rides to help drive repeat business, boost CSI and loyalty.

The Uber Vouchers software includes a dashboard and API to monitor the real-time status of redemption and utilization. The web-based solution can be accessed from a desktop or any mobile internet browser. Dealers can monitor past, active, and upcoming Vouchers in one centralized place. Vouchers are distributed digitally through the dealer’s method of choice — email or SMS. Once the dealership sends a customer a Voucher the offer becomes ready for the rider to use. Customers can claim the Voucher with just one click. It is then stored on their Uber account and automatically applied when it is eligible. The rider simply inputs a destination in the Uber app that meets the parameters set by the dealership and it will automatically apply the offer.


Vouchers can either fully or partially cover the cost of the ride and can be used not just for alternative transportation while customer cars are being serviced, but also as incentives for test drives, trade-ins, appraisals, and more.

“myKaarma has been a foundational partner of Uber for Business in the automotive industry, and their new integration with Uber Vouchers will bring a powerful new tool for dealerships to surprise and delight their customers with mobility options provided by Uber,” said Jim Bauman, automotive vertical lead for Uber for Business. “Uber Vouchers are fully customizable to any business situation and can meet unique dealership needs for flexibility, cost-containment, and less reliance on traditional forms of customer transportation that are expensive to maintain and difficult to scale, such as shuttles, loaners, and rental cars. They also give dealership customers the flexibility to arrange their own Uber ride to or from the dealership, lessening the time required by service advisors and other dealership employees to arrange for transportation. We’re excited to launch this new phase of our successful partnership with myKaarma!”


Commenting on the success of the myKaarma Uber integration in her dealership, Bobbie Pyka, service manager at Mercedes-Benz of Austin stated, “Uber rides integration helps our advisors build priceless relationships with our guests — something hard-earned. Advisors schedule their guest pickups, helping them know when their guests will arrive at the dealership. The advisor then stages the guest vehicle on the drive for a quick in and out. We no longer staff courtesy drivers for an estimated $100,000 year in savings. We replaced them with Uber rides. In addition to the savings, guests do not have to wait for a ride or share a ride with another person.”


myKaarma’s integration with the Uber Central API allows dealerships to book Uber rides directly through the myKaarma application with a fully integrated lookup and specify pick up and drop off locations on behalf of customers. The customer then receives a text message with a secure link for a ride based on their pickup and drop off location.

This integration is offered alongside myKaarma’s pickup and delivery module or as a standalone module. The integration enables communication between the transportation manager, the driver, and the customer. Also, real-time ETAs keep them connected with their customers every step of the way. All rides are tracked within the application, along with any relevant details, which can easily be exported for warranty claim reimbursement where applicable. As a result of the integration, dealerships can reduce shuttle costs and guest wait times, decrease the number of days needed for loaner cars, and simplify travel management. The addition of Uber Vouchers improves the experience by enabling auto dealer service departments to automatically cover the cost of Uber rides to help drive repeat business, boost CSI and loyalty.


“Our integration with Uber for Business already provides dealers with one place to book and track Uber trips by repair order for their guests, without having to retype their pickup or drop off address,” said Ujj Nath, myKaarma CEO. “This has an immediate impact, reducing loaner car days and wait times for transportation while increasing long term customer loyalty. Now dealers can further delight their customers by covering the cost of rides with Uber Vouchers. It creates an experience that sets the dealership apart in this highly competitive market.”

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