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How Call Management Can Alleviate the Labor Shortage

When dealerships are understaffed, efforts must go toward prioritizing the customer experience. Call management is critical to this strategy, so knowing what to track allows for quick fixes and a better customer experience.

To Improve Customer Experience, Improve the Employee Experience

If you want to improve your customer experience, start by improving your employee experience. It takes a thoughtful, intentional strategy as well as a commitment. But the payoff is worth it.

To Improve Customer Experience, Improve the Employee Experience
Podcast: The Guest Experience

Looking to update your customer’s experience? Tune in for advice and ideas from Ryan Powers of SoundFox.

The Seasons Are Changing (and so are Your Customers)

As summer comes to a close, you may have noticed more changes than just the cooling weather. Odds are, if you think back to your most recent customer interactions, you notice the demographics, wants, and needs of your customers changed slightly from what they were even a few months ago. While collective habits of your

Digital Air Strike to Provide Virginia Dealers Association with Customer Experience Technology

Digital Air Strike’s solutions integrate with all automotive CRMs and enable dealers to deliver high-impact messaging to engage through vehicle inventory, business offerings, special promotions, consumer reviews and community service.

3 Steps for Dealers to Create a More Customer-Focused Strategy

As inventory continues to challenge dealers and interest rates begin to rise, dealers are beginning to look for opportunities to continue turning customers.

Jeff Wyler Automotive Family Introduces WylerComplete

WylerComplete allows customers to go through the entire car buying process online in less than 15 minutes.

Executive Spotlight: SoundFox’s Ryan Powers

The VP of Marketing and Business Solutions discusses how to create a great guest experience.

Want More Zeros? Deliver More Zeros

The high cost of customer acquisition alone should make everyone stop and evaluate their existing people processes and structures.

Vehicle Acquisition: How to Fill Your Lot and Keep It Full

Like many surprise success stories, COVID-19 provided dealers with record-breaking results despite low and scarce new inventory. So how can dealerships stay competitive and reach record profits?

Digital Air Strike Reveals Customer Experience Study at NADA

The longest-running and most extensive study of auto consumers shows new trends in vehicle pre-orders, purchasing/servicing, financing and more.

InteractiveTel Launches TotalCX Customer Experience Platform

The TotalCX end-to-end sales and service intelligence engine works with any on-premises or cloud-based phone system.