LiftMaster Expands Its Line of Commercial Door Safety Sensors with a Monitored Light Curtain
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LiftMaster Expands its Line of Commercial Door Safety Sensors with a Monitored Light Curtain

LiftMaster has expanded its commercial access safety entrapment protection devices to include a Monitored Light Curtain. The LiftMaster Monitored Light Curtain LC36M provides an invisible 3-foot wall of protection, consisting of 22 monitored infrared cross-beams that span across the plane of the door for dependable, maximized safety up to 33 feet. It’s the ultimate commercial door safety solution to protect people and property from damage. 

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Compatible with most LiftMaster commercial door operators, the expansive, invisible screen of protection immediately senses any obstructions in the way of the door, stops it from closing and reverses to its fully open position; helping to minimize injury, costly repairs and unexpected downtime, and eliminating the need to run wires for multiple photo eyes. UL 325 safety tested and certified, the LiftMaster Monitored Light Curtain is also IP67 rated to withstand wet environments and temporary submersion. 

“LiftMaster is committed to providing customers with superior products designed to provide the ultimate in reliability and safety,” said Tom Potosnak, Senior Director, Product Management, LiftMaster. “The Monitored Light Curtain provides enhanced safety for automated commercial doors and works seamlessly with our full line of commercial door operators, safety devices and connected solutions for a total access management system ideal for warehouses, auto dealerships, fire stations or any commercial setting.”


LiftMaster’s safety entrapment protection devices are also part of the myQ connected ecosystem.  When partnered with an operator that is connected to myQ Smart Facility Management, users will have insight into their access points and will be able to monitor and control their facilities from anywhere. Getting connected with myQ Smart Facility Management allows facility managers to easily access real-time data, support preventative maintenance needs and track the current access point status, increasing the safety and security of their facility. 

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