DAS Technology Expands Collaboration with General Motors

DAS Technology Expands Collaboration with General Motors

GM also selects DAS to participate in its 2024 Business Development Center Workshop Dealer Tour across 14 major U.S. markets.

DAS Technology, an automotive consumer engagement SaaS technology company with the industry’s first next-level Consumer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP), announced it is expanding its collaboration with General Motors and has joined the OEM’s equity mining program.

The equity mining capabilities of DAS Tech’s award-winning CDXP Complete include its ability to match customers with equity, or nearing an equity position, on their current vehicle and track engagement with its automated communications. This illustrates the platform’s ability to leverage data, analytics, automation and deep integrations with leading Dealer Management System (DMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to deliver actionable insights that drive results and a connected customer experience. 

DAS Tech’s automotive best-in-class technology solutions have a national reach and are proven to help dealerships nationwide leverage SaaS solutions to sell and service more vehicles. The award-winning CDXP Complete is available to GM’s 4,000-plus U.S. dealerships. The technology is unique in many ways, including enabling identity resolution within consumer data between the CRM and DMS, integrating advanced vehicle analytics and providing additional proprietary features that target the right communication to the right consumer at the right time.

The relationship with GM started in 2013 when the automaker named DAS Technology its first approved reputation management technology affiliate. Additional DAS solutions approved for the In-Market Retail (IMR) co-op funds program include AI chat, patented real-time lead-quoting/nurturing SaaS and social media engagement technology.

GM also approved DAS Technology CDXP Complete SaaS solution for IMR funds as a turnkey equity mining solution. More than 12 years ago, DAS was the first turnkey consumer engagement provider approved by the automaker for IMR funds for reputation and social media solutions.

“We are honored that General Motors continues to recognize the value of our technology solutions,” said Alexi Venneri, DAS Technology’s co-founder and CEO. “Dealers appreciate how innovative we are, continually evolving new SaaS solutions to improve the customer experience and leverage data at every step, which results in more satisfied consumers choosing to buy and service with GM dealers.”

DAS Technology and its enhanced solutions were the buzz at this year’s National Automobile Dealers Association Show. NADA hosted a competition inviting over 500 vendors to “pitch” the top technology solutions to help dealers in 2024. DAS was chosen as one of 10 finalists, and a panel of dealer judges selected DAS CDXP Complete as the top solution most likely to help dealers succeed in 2024 by naming it the winner of the association’s second annual Exhibitor Pitch Competition.

Northcutt Chevrolet-Buick is one of many dealerships benefitting from CDXP Complete. The technology unifies, scrubs, normalizes and organizes a dealer’s first-party data from common dealership data silos before activating it to drive service revenue across every profit center in the dealership.

“You can spend thousands on data mining, but unless you direct those activities, it doesn’t get done,” said Chris Ruder, general manager of Northcutt Chevrolet-Buick. “CDXP Complete is automatic, and the ROI is excellent. The platform knows when a service customer could become a buyer and automatically changes the communication approach. The beauty of the platform is the dashboard where I can see all sales and service influenced — or customers CDXP Complete helped get back into the store. There’s also the personal touch we get from the DAS team, pulling all the levers to ensure we’re getting the most out of the platform.”

The DAS team is joining GM on a 14-city Convert More Leads 2024 workshop dealer tour, which started in Detroit and ends on the West Coast in November. DAS was selected to participate because of its expertise and product offering supporting leads and lead handling. CDXP Complete and all the DAS Technology consumer engagement solutions will be displayed in each city’s Vendor Village. DAS Technology is also serving as the tour’s lunch sponsor.

“General Motors recognizes DAS Technology’s value that its suite of solutions provides to GM dealers across the country,” said John Kraemer, General Motors’ lead management equity mining and BDC manager. “Equity and data mining are crucial for auto dealerships because, when combined, they can analyze the insights and convert them into actionable communications targeting consumers with the right message at the right time. It helps our dealers unlock the untapped potential within their data in existing systems, driving increased sales, improved service results, customer loyalty and profitability.”

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