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Give Your Customers What They Want – Text Them

More than 55% of Americans prefer texting to emails or phone calls, and 90% of text messages are read in less than three minutes after sending. Kristopher Hampton of sw Service Solutions says this alone is reason enough to use text messaging as a primary form of communication with your guests.

Taking on Procrastination Today

Compare the progress of the person who got started on a project with the person who’s waiting for the right moment.

Welcome to the Big Show: Once the Appointment Shows, Then What?

OK, I get it. I need more leads. I also get that I need to set a high percentage of appointments. Oh, yeah, I need to confirm those appointments so they’ll show up. While I’m stating the painfully obvious, I might add that a pound of flour makes a pretty big biscuit. Enough already. Now

Sealing the Cracks Customers Fall Through

It might be easy to think that what is said online won’t impact your bottom line, but smart dealers know that reputation management connects with every other piece of their strategy to catch and keep customers.

Why You Should Care About Your HR Stack

Creating a unified system of HR software can help you improve your hiring practices, build stronger teams and make your dealership more productive.

Historic Opportunities: Advertising Has Evolved — Have You?

Through most of American history, people got their news from a newspaper and that’s where auto dealers, desiring to reach this audience, placed their advertising. Radio then came along and grabbed a slice of the public’s attention and dealers followed suit. Later, with the addition of television to American homes, dealers were able to show

Are Your Customers Keeping Their Appointment?

“On average, when your BDC rep closes an appointment, it takes up to five touches to get that person to show up at the dealership. These efforts include text messages, emails and additional reminder calls.”

Building Leaders: Who’s Ready for Leadership

“I look at their current job and their current results to gauge their abilities and their outlook. If they don’t have above-average results in their current job, we aren’t interested in putting them in charge of a team.” – Chris Saraceno

Three Scenarios Live Chat Will Fix in Your Service Drive

The phone shouldn’t be the only way customers connect with the dealership. This bottleneck limits your potential to serve more customers. Live chat opens engagement avenues, freeing your staff to focus on customers at your dealership.

How to Take Advantage of Alloy Wheel Service Opportunities

If you’re looking to add a new service at your auto dealership, consider on-site, off-the-car alloy wheel repair and wheel straightening. Increase your service offering, add new profits directly to your bottom line and improve your CSI score.

Moneyball Strategy for Used Car Sales

The flood of used vehicles in the market has increased competition and threatens profitability. Now more than ever, dealers need a data-based strategy to capture their share of the market without giving up the gross. Using your data to create a market-based strategy is your best defense against costly acquisition mistakes and dwindling profits.

Average Days in Recon: ADR Spells Higher Gross

Last month I discussed Average Days in Recon (ADR), which laser focuses how reconditioning efficiency and accountability are measured when using reconditioning Time-to-Market workflow software. ADR holds the recon department responsible for only what it can physically touch. It does not include In-transit times or title-release delays. The clock on ADR starts when the used