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Three Scenarios Live Chat Will Fix in Your Service Drive

The phone shouldn’t be the only way customers connect with the dealership. This bottleneck limits your potential to serve more customers. Live chat opens engagement avenues, freeing your staff to focus on customers at your dealership.

Most people can do more than one thing at once, especially ingrained activities like driving while carrying a conversation over Bluetooth. Things get tricky, though, once we’re required to concentrate on more than one thing. We see it time and again in the service department. ASMs are juggling the phone, trying to set an appointment on the computer while someone is right in front of them asking about additional repairs.

Multitasking: The Silent ROI Killer

Fun fact: Multitasking costs the economy around $450 million per year. So, while the word “multitasking” fills job descriptions and resumes, this “desirable” skill isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in the world of business. But is that a surprise when studies show multitasking leads to 50% more mistakes and reduces productivity by 40%? This lack of focus and the higher likelihood of making mistakes makes multitasking an ineffective, unproductive solution. More important, it costs your business major dollars.

But your dealership’s service staff doesn’t have to be another statistic. Allocating the correct team to manage conversations across digital channels can save money and reverse the negative effects of multitasking in the service drive.

Live Chat Combats Multitasking

Fixed operations accounts for more than half of dealership revenue, so it’s surprising that most chat providers don’t align chat technology to support the service drive. Here are three scenarios that prove live chat is the unsung hero of your service department:

1. A Game of Phone Tag
Ring. Ring. Ring. “Ugh! This can’t wait. I guess I’ll look elsewhere.”
And so it begins. Phone tag starts after the first call is missed and your ASM now has the daunting task of calling people back, hoping they haven’t set an appointment at a competing dealership.

The phone shouldn’t be the only way customers connect with the dealership. This bottleneck limits your potential to serve more customers.
Live chat opens other engagement and communication avenues, freeing your staff to focus on customers at your dealership. It also serves as an alternate form of communication that will get your service lanes more traffic.

2. Not Getting Enough Information
“Terrible experience! When I called and spoke to Jimmy about my car problems, he kept pushing me into setting an appointment. Didn’t even ask me what was wrong in the first place! Do not recommend!” – Angry Google Reviewer

Too often an ASM, overwhelmed with too many tasks, rushes to book an appointment without performing a true needs assessment. While it seems like setting the appointment achieves a goal, no one wins in this situation. Customer expectations are not met because they weren’t asked about their issues, and your dealership’s satisfaction ratings plummet.
Live chat allows customers to formulate responses without being cut off and, in most cases, the rapport the chat rep builds with your customer is sent straight into your DMS. Your staff gets easy access to data and details, allowing them to provide an excellent customer experience both online and in person.

3. Missing Out on the Upsell
Timing and approach are everything. When your employees excessively multitask, they fail to seize opportunities to upsell during initial contact and your dealership loses out on potential revenue.

Many dealers think they can recreate upsell opportunities when customers show up for their appointment. However, most customers will opt out of additional services because their mindset has changed; their initial servicing needs have been met. The worst part? No opportunity is ever lost; a competitor will take the chance you missed.
When you engage customers using live chat, conversations flow naturally and the upsell opportunities are endless. Your chat reps have more time to formulate thoughtful responses that add value, such as:
• Current service promotions and coupons
• More transparency in pricing
• Confident explanations of optional service work

If you want to deliver meaningful results, your chat team must commit to only answering chats. When chat reps are overwhelmed by multitasking, they’ll miss incoming chats, or worse, they’ll pick up the chats and not provide quality customer service.

In today’s digitally connected world, customer satisfaction and ROI go hand in hand, and this is especially true for your dealership’s service department. Live chat frees your service staff from multitasking, allowing them to give your customers a better experience. And, when you put in the effort for them, your service customers will pay you back through referrals, positive online reviews and repeat business.

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