Clopay Corporation, LiftMaster Introduce Extreme Series Door

Clopay, LiftMaster Introduce Extreme Series Door

The Extreme Series portfolio includes more than 20 models to best meet needs and niches for performance and protection.

Clopay Corporation has partnered with LiftMaster to launch the Extreme Series Door powered by Liftmaster. This high-performance door system operates three times faster (at 24 inches per second) and five times longer (at 50,000 cycles) than standard doors, all for a more cost-effective investment than other high-speed doors. The Extreme Series Door will be offered by the Clopay, Cornell and Cookson brands.

Offered as a system with LiftMaster’s direct drive operator, Clopay Corporation’s Extreme Series is a great fit for fire stations, automotive dealerships and service centers that need an aesthetic door that also offers higher speeds and a longer cycle life. The Extreme Series portfolio includes more than 20 models to best meet needs and niches across industries for exceptional performance and protection.

“Clopay prides itself on high-performance and durable construction that offers longevity and increased value for commercial facilities,” said Heather Bender, director of commercial product marketing, Clopay Corporation. “We’re thrilled to partner with LiftMaster on our higher-speed, longer-life Extreme Series Doors, particularly for industries that need it most. We know how important speed, reliability, and energy efficiency are for these organizations — where every second and cycle matters.”

The Extreme Series includes a dependable LiftMaster motor featuring seamless myQ technology, a cloud-based access management control system with monitoring capabilities. The operator opens and closes the door three times faster than a traditional sectional door and provides a variable-speed motor for a soft start and stop to reduce wear and tear. The door features upgraded hardware and additional high-performance components to improve door life. It also includes floor-mounted controllers that help set limits and reduce risk of injury while decreasing maintenance requirements and installation costs.

“LiftMaster has a legacy of producing high-quality commercial door operators to provide a reliable garage door experience,” said Tracy Tryboski, group product manager, commercial door operators, LiftMaster. “We’re thrilled to work with Clopay Corporation and its brands on this new endeavor, bringing fresh momentum and speed to the commercial garage door industry.”

Architects will appreciate that the many design options Extreme Series Door offers will enhance, not take away from, their beautiful building designs. Facility managers will be pleased with the speed and durability of the Extreme Series because it keeps business moving quickly, enabling them to stay productive and profitable.

The Extreme Series Powered by LiftMaster is available through authorized Clopay, Cornell and Cookson dealers.

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