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AMN Drivetime With NTN’s Kevin Judge (Video)

Kevin Judge, vice president of sales and marketing at NTN Bearing, started his journey in the industry without even knowing what a shock absorber was. With the help of his mentors and connections within the industry, Judge was able to work his way up and gain experience that he can now share with young professionals.

Choosing a Tunnel System Carwash for Your Auto Dealership

There’s now equipment available that makes the installation of a tunnel system an excellent option for a dealership or vehicle rental operation.

AMN Drivetime With The Group’s Larry Pavey (Video)

In Episode 6 of AMN Drivetime with Bill Babcox, Bill sits down for a chat with Larry Pavey, industry veteran and current CEO of the Automotive Parts Services Group (The Group). Having spent most of his life in the automotive aftermarket – from an early start delivering auto parts to his decades leading some of

Dealer Insider Video with Erin Williamson

Erin Williamson of discusses how improving the customer experience can make all the difference in the car-buyer’s journey.

AMN Drivetime: Schaeffler’s Eric Steinbecher (Video)

One might think working at Porsche would be the pinnacle of any car lover’s career, however Eric Steinbecher, president Automotive Aftermarket – Americas, Schaeffler, says it is the automotive aftermarket that he wishes he had found sooner. “Everyone who works in the aftermarket knows that you get addicted – addicted to the industry and to

AMN Drivetime: Entrepreneur At Heart, Jim Franco (Video)

Jim Franco, CEO of Autologue Computer Systems, knew at a very young age that he wanted more out of life. Entering the workforce at age 11, he made money mowing lawns, washing windows and delivering newspapers.  In episode 4 of the AMN Drivetime Podcast with Bill Babcox, Franco shares that his early start in the

Customer Satisfaction: The Carwash Connection

What’s the best way to deliver a level of cleanliness that ticks your customers’ boxes?

Need Salespeople? Take an Active Role to Find the Right People

There are more companies competing for talent than ever before. Here’s what you can do to keep your managers focusing on sales.

Meet the Michael Jordan of the Tire Industry

In this episode of Johnny g & Friends, presented by Firestone, get to know the “Michael Jordan of the Tire Industry.” No, he’s not 6-foot-6 with six playoff rings, but he is the largest car dealer in the state of Florida. That man is Larry Morgan, chairman of Morgan Family Ventures, a high-growth group of

Dealer Insider Video with Steve Middlebrooks

Steve Middlebrooks of Heyward Allen Motor Co. joins us to discuss the current industry as well as how the dealership has stayed successful over the years.

AMN Drivetime: 6 Decades Of Great Stories To Tell (Video)

Popular speaker and industry veteran John R. Washbish, president and CEO of the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, got his start in the aftermarket in the late 50s at his father’s warehouse distributorship. Needless to say, after six decades in the business, this southern gentleman can tell a great story. In fact, he shares quite a

Dealer Insider Video with Tom Hawkins

Forty-year industry veteran and Dealer Principal Tom Hawkins shares tips and advice from his dealership’s success.