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Your Place, Episode 5 – Mental Health and High-Functioning Dealerships

Dennis McGinn, Jeff Elhart and Stephen Whitton discuss the epidemic of mental illness and how to help improve and save lives.

Dealer Insider with Miles Edmark

Susan and Miles discuss how the company has seen many business and market fluctuations over 94 years.

Your Place, Episode 4 – Dan Kommeth

In this episode, Dennis McGinn speaks with Dan Kommeth, director of sales for Kenwood Dealer Group in Mason, OH.

AMN Drivetime With Federated’s Sue Godschalk (Video)

In this episode of AMN Drivetime, Sue Godschalk, president of Federated Auto Parts, shares her journey being included in the founding of one of the nation’s leading program distribution groups – Federated Auto Parts, which was established in the mid-1980s. Not necessarily a “car gal” per se, Godschalk says she was more intrigued by the

Hunter’s John Zentz on How Dealers Can Win in Today’s Market

When you take a look around at the tire service equipment in your shop, you may see the name of the company that Johnny g’s next guest represents. The one that he credits for imprinting the tire industry in his heart. That company is Hunter Engineering, and the guest that’s been part of its team

The Carwash Water Efficiency Advantage

If you’re looking to add a carwash to your dealership, look for a partner that strives to maximize carwash efficiency and lower operating costs.

Your Place, Episode 3 – Jasen Rice

In this episode of “Your Place” from Rapid Recon, Dennis McGinn speaks with Jasen Rice of Lotpop.

Your Place, Episode 2 – David Simches

In this episode of “Your Place” from Rapid Recon, Dennis McGinn speaks with David Simches of Crown Automotive Group.

David Simches
Dealer Insider with Melissa Sinclair

Melissa Sinclair of Promax speaks on what gives her the drive to succeed in the automotive industry.

AMN Drivetime With Auto Care’s Bill Hanvey (Video)

In this latest episode of AMN Drivetime with Bill Babcox, we hear from Bill Hanvey, president and CEO of the Auto Care Association. In this rich and candid conversation, Hanvey not only shares a little bit about the leaders and mentors who “took a chance” on him at the start of his career, but also

Your Place, Episode 1 – Jared Ricart

Dennis McGinn speaks with Jared Ricart about how there’s never been a more paramount time to make sure your speed to sale is dialed in.

Dealer Insider with Dealer Owned Warranty Company

Learn from Edvie Castro and Michael LaMotta of DOWC how dealers can be resilient during the pandemic, and how having access to cash can benefit dealers in difficult times.