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CallRevu’s Trusted Dealer Caller Solution Ensures Customers Pick Up

CallRevu, is increasing call pick up rates for automotive retailers with their Trusted Dealer Caller technology solution. CallRevu’s Trusted Dealer Caller feature verifies that outbound calls from dealerships are actually from a legitimate source and not robocallers or spammers.

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Spam calls continue to rise every year, causing many to think twice before answering a call. In 2020, spam calls were up to 56 million, compared to 43 million in 2019. Automotive retailers rely on their phone for important service updates or sales inventory opportunities. CallRevu’s Trusted Dealer Caller technology prevents the call from being flagged as spam. This is a huge win for automotive retail marketing, operations and sales teams, saving time, preventing frustration and building trust.

CallRevu customers simply need to enable the Trusted Dealer Caller feature, which is provided at no cost as part of the CallRevu platform and supports the FCC requirement for telephony providers called STIR/SHAKEN. Data shows that connection rates jump significantly for CallRevu customers who have enabled the Trusted Dealer Caller solution. One major auto group experienced a 5% increase in their outbound connection rate immediately, as well as a lower number of blocked calls.


The CallRevu Trusted Dealer Caller solution also combats inbound spam calls to dealerships, which can be a source of frustration, taking focus away from sales and service. This is all part of CallRevu’s vision and commitment to continuous innovation that provides automotive dealerships with solutions that drive ROI and customer experience.

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