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Video Wins the War for Digital Dominance

As demand for digital retailing rises, dealers must consider the best way to make their dealership stand out from 20 other dealerships who are all trying to appeal to online shoppers. 

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To successfully sell cars online, digital retailing tools are just part of the equation. You must also be able to merchandise and market vehicles online. Both strategies require the type of content that car shoppers seek to make an informed buying decision.

Increasingly, that content is video.

Videos in Digital Marketing

Videos are an essential part of a successful digital marketing strategy. According to think with Google, the most-watched video content by auto shoppers includes car reviews, vehicle test drives, highlights of features and options and walkthroughs of interior and exterior of vehicles. 


Why let third-party sites fill this need for consumer video content, when it’s so easy and inexpensive to make your own or purchase from third parties? The best part about having this type of content is that it can be used across multiple channels including your own website, social media, email marketing and digital advertising on third-party websites.

Videos in Merchandising

Many dealers use inventory videos for vehicle merchandising. These videos are typically posted on website Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) and third-party auto shopping websites.

While any type of inventory video is better than just photos, consumer expectations are changing. They want vivid, detailed videos that answer all of their questions about a specific vehicle. 


If you really want your online presentation to stand out, invest in new technology such as interactive videos. Interactive vehicle inventory videos allow customers to control the viewing experience so they can inspect the car at their own pace, or click on hotspots to learn more information about features they’re interested in.

Video Communications

During the pandemic, millions of people became comfortable with video calling applications. Why not capitalize on this trend by using video calls to connect your sales team with online car shoppers? Look for a video calling app that integrates into your CRM, so communications can be stored and tracked. Also opt for an app that offers one-way and two-way calling, to safeguard your customers’ privacy. Most importantly, use an app that allows for “on demand” or “one-click” video calling. This allows your consumers to simply “click a button” to engage you in a video call regardless of what type of device or platform they are using.


To increase lead response rates, try personalized video responses. Provide your salespeople with the tools to create or access a library of stored inventory videos that can be easily customized. Then, email or text these videos to leads directly from your CRM. You can also post on your VDPs with calls to action such as “Click Here for a Virtual Test Drive” or “Take a Virtual Walkaround” to target shoppers who desire to experience the vehicle remotely.  

Don’t Forget the Data

Whatever video marketing platform you use, utilization of your video data is crucial. The ability to leverage video data to create a personalized viewing experience greatly increases engagement and conversion rates for all of your video content. If you’re sending video emails and text messages to your shoppers, you can receive a real-time alert when that shopper is watching any of your videos, on any touch-point. No other media can provide you with this type of real-time interaction between the customer and your content across all of your online marketing strategies. That is digital marketing dominance.   


The pandemic has accelerated the use of videos in retail automotive, forcing many dealers to re-think the way they sell, market and merchandise their vehicles. To win the war for digital dominance, incorporate the use of video into your digital retailing strategy.

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