Andrew Markel - Director of Content for Babcox Media
How Belts, Tensioners and Misfires Are Connected

The design of the accessory belt drive is a balancing act of efficiency, force and vibration.

Power Steering Hoses: There’s a Reason They Failed

Hoses typically leak around the crimped connections between hard and soft lines.

10 Tips for Serpentine Belt System Inspection and Service

Just 10% belt slippage can affect the overall driveability of a vehicle. Check out these inspection tips.

How Import Brake Formulations Changed Service

The bottom line is that for the brakes to function, the rotors and pads have to wear. Even a brake rotor’s metallurgy can determine how a pad wears.

Engine Service: Crankshaft Position Sensors

Learn why the position of the crankshaft is important for the detecting of misfires.

Engine Service: Oil and Carbon Deposits

How oil volatility and additives impact carbon deposits and pre-ignition.

HVAC Sensors: More Than Just Temperature

This primer will help techs understand the variety of sensors that help control a vehicle’s interior temperature.

Ride Control and Electronic Stability Control

A strut might look great on the outside, but if the internal seals and fluids are degraded it can result in a loss of vehicle stability and in some cases fade.

Understanding Performance Brake Components

Consumers’ passion for an upgraded appearance of the brake system can be a way to actually elevate the importance of brake system performance, while giving you a new sales opportunity and a way to differentiate your brake service offerings from other shops.

Air Ride Leak Detection

To the untrained technician, a winter air ride problem might lead you down the path that there is a leak in the system. However, chances are there are no detectable leaks. So, what do you do next?

Air Ride Diagnostics Q&A: What You Don’t Know Might Be the Missing Piece of the Diagnostic Puzzle

Both four-corner and two-corner air ride systems have sensors that measure ride height, pressure and other information to control the suspension. Why is this important? Knowing the basic architecture will help you find components quicker and carry out leak checks faster.

Active Wheel Speed Sensor Logic

From the heat-treated wheel bearing races to the microcircuit inside the ABS module that processes the signal, it’s imperative to understand the mechanical and electrical operation of this foundation technology that is critical to ABS, stability control and ADAS.