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ARSLoaner, Dominion Partner to Provide VUE DMS Customers with Advanced Fleet Management Software

ARSLoaner and Dominion have announced a new partnership to provide VUE DMS customers with software to manage their rental and courtesy vehicle operations. Through this new partnership, Dominion can offer their customers a seamless integration between VUE DMS and the ARSLoaner platform simplifying the process of managing their vehicles and ensuring compliance with insurance and OEM programs. This integration will greatly decrease the time required to get customers in a vehicle, leading to a better customer experience and higher potential CSI.

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“Dominion DMS desired a rental solution to support our VUE DMS dealers; Dominion identified ARSLoaner as a leader in this area,” Randy Emerick, director, DMS and third-party integration for Dominion, said. “ARSLoaner committed and delivered integration in a timely manner, providing more dealer functionality to Dominion’s cloud native VUE DMS platform.

“ARSLoaner is also cloud based and provides all the functionality our dealers need such as 100% mobile capability, automated cost recovery for fuel and mileage, digital signature, remote/touchless contracting and more. We greatly appreciate ARSLoaner’s support,” Emerick continued.  

For information about the ARSLoaner platform, visit, call 513-334-1056 or email [email protected]

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