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How to Identify & Target High-Intention Customers with a Customer Data Platform, Part 2

It’s no longer enough just to have data in a neat place. It’s about using that data to drive engagement and to provide those right experiences every single time.

How to Identify & Target High-Intention Customers with a Customer Data Platform, Part 1

Improve your dealership’s customer experience and keep customers engaged.

Dominion DMS to Showcase DMS Offering at NADA 2023

VUE is customizable. Dealers add only the tools they want, keeping their operations on track without paying for unnecessary applications.

Executive Spotlight with Guru Sankararaman of Tekion

Insights on modern DMS software, EVs, the current automotive market and more.

Industry Challenges Drive Need for New Strategies, Solutions

Off-lease customers are a valuable target for dealers to source inventory for the used car department and sell newer models.

Defining the Automotive Retail Blueprint

It’s time to re-write the blueprint for dealers and change the way we look at a single-solution approach.

Podcast: DMS Reimagined with DealerBuilt

Listen in as Veronica Dunford of DealerBuilt discusses how the company has reimagined DMS and continues to grow.

Executive Spotlight: DealerBuilt’s Veronica Dunford

The VP of strategic partnership with the DMS platform company discusses changes and trends for the organization.

DealerBuilt Acquires Vistadash

The DMS innovator shapes the future of automotive retail with acquisition of marketing intelligence platform.

How Self-Service Technology can Benefit Your Dealership

When a customer checks in using a connected self-service kiosk, they’re pushing updated, accurate information into your DMS.

Master Change Management with Your DMS

It’s not enough to just manage a plan. Leaders need to take ownership and ensure that processes are seen all the way through.

DealerBuilt LightYear DMS Certified for Retail Delivery Reporting Integration

LightYear is DealerBuilt’s modern, highly customizable platform that can be precisely tailored to a dealership’s unique business processes and enterprise transaction and reporting requirements.