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Hire for Attitude, Not Skills

High employee turnover continues to be a top concern for car dealers, and a strong economy with low unemployment rates doesn’t help.

Younger Generations Could Provide Answer to Dealership Turnover Issue

Having access to the latest technology is not only expected by these younger generations but required to succeed as a business in today’s digital age.

6 Triggers That Signal It’s Time for Employee Training

It’s true that training takes time, effort and money. But when you consider the fact that it affects your employees’ performance — which directly impacts their job satisfaction and in turn your customers’ experience — the results of quality training are priceless.

Podcast: Hiring the Right People

Noel Walsh, CEO of NW&A Sales Training, joins us to discuss hiring the right people for your dealership.

Auto/Mate’s Chief People Officer to Present “How to Win the Fixed Ops Talent War” at DrivingSales Executive Summit

Dave Druzynski will share tips on how to source and recruit job candidates and how to establish a hiring process that ensures every new hire is a good culture fit with your organization.

The True Cost of Turnover and How Dealerships Can Fuel Retention

With the plateau of car sales in 2017 and margin compression in full swing, dealerships need to look internally to identify new ways to save costs and protect their bottom line.

7 Reasons Onboarding Is Essential

To keep your onboarding program simple and aligned with your other workforce processes, follow the five C’s — compliance, clarification, culture, connection and check back.

5 Parts of an Outsourced Service BDC Difficult to Replicate In-Dealership

Service calls are your livelihood. You can’t afford to miss your calls. Quit feeding your competitors and the independent shops with your missed calls.

The True Cost of Turnover and How Dealerships Can Fuel Retention

Investing in ongoing training and hiring the right people for the right roles will decrease turnover and positively impact the dealership for current employees, potential employees and, most importantly, customers.

Employee Retention Impacts Owner Retention

Something exciting is about to happen to your employee retention, which will result in ongoing owner retention.

The ROI of a Proactive Dealership Culture

There’s a hard dealership truth those of us in this business confront every day: Staff turnover is incredibly high. According to Cox Automotive’s Dealership Staffing Study, the average annual turnover at a dealership is 40 percent, with an astounding 67 percent turnover rate for salespeople. Most dealers know turnover affects their business, but many dealers think there’s nothing they can do about it.

Onboarding the Right Employees for Handling the Phone in 90 Days

Setting a foundation isn’t an overnight process. ‘Hitting the ground running’ does nothing but set you and your new hire up for a train wreck. It takes new hires eight months to reach their full potential. Put the time in and do it right. A one-week onboarding process isn’t sufficient for new hires; learning takes time.