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NADA 2022: AutoStaff: Helping Dealers Hire, Train and Retain Top Talent

AutoStaff does the heavy lifting in sourcing, screening and scheduling top candidates for your dealership.

Matt Wadiak
Need to Hire Techs? [Video]

Skilled, capable technicians are one of the hardest positions to fill. This program will help you find the techs you need.

Preparing for the 2020 Applicant Economy

With the summer sales season in full swing, it might be hard to imagine planning ahead and preparing for the demands next year will hold. But this is the time to start thinking about what is working and what needs to change to set your dealerships up for a successful 2020. Your best bet will be to start planning for the needs of your true competitive advantage: your people.

AutoNation Launches National Campaign to Recruit Skilled Service Technicians

With the increased sophistication of automobile technology, demand for talent with up-to-date proficiency in computer diagnostics and related skills continues to grow.

How to Recruit Top Performers

Don’t recruit someone else’s underachiever. Be aggressive, spend a little money and recruit as many applicants as possible and you will find a top performer.

Auto/Mate’s Chief People Officer to Present “How to Win the Fixed Ops Talent War” at DrivingSales Executive Summit

Dave Druzynski will share tips on how to source and recruit job candidates and how to establish a hiring process that ensures every new hire is a good culture fit with your organization.

Accelerating Down the End of a Cul-de-sac on Techs

Lately, factories are justifiably focused on the crescendo of long overdue tech recruitment and training programs. However, there is not, as of yet, a feverish discussion to save the precious techs we have, nor how to keep apprentice techs from “washing out” either in training or on their new job.

Employee Retention Impacts Owner Retention

Something exciting is about to happen to your employee retention, which will result in ongoing owner retention.

Industry Leaders Tapped for Key Speaking Roles at June’s Women in Automotive Conference in Orlando

The multi-day conference includes a networking, speakers, breakout sessions, workshops and booth displays — all centered on the goal of educating and inspiring women in all areas of the automotive industry.

How Better Hiring and Training Processes are Driving Change in the Industry’s Largest Dealer Group

Today, the turnover number for the average dealership is more than 70 percent. Automotive consulting firm ESI Trends is familiar with the challenges faced by the industry: It also partners with the NADA to produce the annual National Automobile Dealership Association Dealership Workforce Study.