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Order Out of Chaos

Improve turn, reduce holding costs when sales uses your recon investment to build trust and value into used cars.

No Snooze Buttons: Awakening Productivity in Your Salespeople

When your salespeople procrastinate, they may feel like they’re gaining time to prepare for tasks they dread by briefly putting them off, but what’s really happening is they’re losing valuable time, interrupting a productive work rhythm and maybe even costing your dealership valuable opportunities.

High Performance Doors: Think You Can’t Afford Them? Think Again

Every year, hundreds of new and remodeled automotive dealership facilities open across North America. Automobile brands are introducing eye-catching building image designs to compete for buyers’ attention.

Why Do We Resist Change?

Resistance to change is one of the most common obstacles that businesses face during organizational change. Ideally, you can replace that resistance with support, boosting project results across the board.

10 Easy Changes You Can Make to Increase Your BDC’s Show Ratio

Here are some process changes that will significantly improve your dealership’s BDC conversion rates, but keep this in mind: you can’t fix what you can’t measure.

How ‘Sleepy’ Is Your Service Department?

After you check out your service department you will find the problem areas that need to be addressed and possibly form an action plan as to how you can make a difference in the upcoming months.

How To Check Out Your Service Department

To formulate an action plan for improvement you must first realize that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Six Ways To Increase Your Service Traffic

Giving you six ways to bring more customers into your service department and they won’t cost you anything. So relax, I’m not going to suggest you double your advertising budget!

Master the Practice of Profitable Used Car Reconditioning

Here’s a question often asked when dealership group managers gather, which unfortunately typically goes unanswered: “How many of you know your average days in recon?”

Does Your Dealership Have the Right Payroll Provider to Reach Your 2018 Goals?

When it comes to talent management, dealers have two main objectives: increase employee productivity and decrease expenditures. An integrated payroll and talent management platform can help you accomplish both by helping your business run more efficiently and cutting down on costs — including automating tax record-keeping and filing and reducing payroll fees.

The Three C’s for Increased Shop Productivity

You can’t rely on the numbers to tell you everything you need to know to be an effective manager. You must determine what is causing the low productivity.

Podcast: Staffing Your Dealership’s Bodyshop

Rob Dunn of the Masters School of Autobody Repair joins us to discuss the staffing of your dealership’s bodyshop — how to find the right level of employment, and how to make the most of their productivity.