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Van Horn Automotive Group Announces CloudLot

CloudLot puts the customer in full control of their deal from picking the car, to scheduling delivery and everything in between.

Why Maximizing Pre-Owned Profitability Starts with Smarter Acquisitions

To compete in today’s unpredictable market, dealers must maximize pre-owned inventory.

What’s in the Tank? Treat the Fuel to Get Top Dollar for Each Unit

Dealers selling trade-in vehicles can never know for sure how old the gas is or its quality. Fuel degrades as it ages, losing octane and forming gums that can affect how well the engine starts and runs.

Podcast: Moving Inventory with a Photos-First Workflow

Rapid Recon’s Dennis McGinn speaks with us about using a photos-first workflow to sell inventory more quickly.

Dennis McGinn Podcast
Winning the Used Car Sourcing Game: Quicker Turn Time and Increased Profits

“The good news is that there are software solutions that offer a more advanced, more profitable way to approach pre-owned car sourcing. This allows dealerships to acquire cars that are in high demand, turn fast and increase margin, often while being very easy to come by.”

New Car Marketing Techniques Aren’t Effective at Marketing Pre-Owned Vehicles

Everyone loves new cars. They’re shiny, they smell great and the sales staff love making a big sale. It’s a huge part of how OEMs rate their dealers, as well. I mean, who doesn’t want to be the “No. 1 Chevy dealer in the county”?