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5 Key Ingredients You Can’t Afford to Miss in Your Phone Handling Recipe

Without a proper system in place, callers can be left with a negative phone experience, leading them elsewhere. 

The Phone: Fixed Operations’ Biggest Blindspot

Why and how you should be leveraging the phone and analyzing the right data to boost CSI and drive new revenue in fixed operations.

3 Simple Rules for Capturing the Attention of Tech Recruits

Here’s a system that you can try in order to get qualified technicians in your door and then in your bays.

7 KPIs to Connect with Every Caller

Dealerships lose hundreds of sales opportunities every year because of missed or mishandled phone calls. On average, a dealership fails to connect with 33% of incoming calls. For every 100 calls, that means you’re missing out on 33 potential deals.

Car Wars Consolidates Dealership Phone Communication in its Latest Dashboard

Now, agents can handle each call in a way they never have before: with expertise, confidence and ease.

5 Phone Sales Tips Your Team Needs Now

While the internet, mobile browsing and social media have undoubtedly transformed the car sales scene, this doesn’t mean that prospective buyers aren’t still using the old-school method of phone calls, in fact, it’s the opposite.

Why You Need a Service BDC

Your dealership has spent a lot of money to get the phones to ring. Every poorly handled call is a lost opportunity that you can’t afford. When service advisors — who are already working at a frenetic pace — answer the phone, they often sound abrupt and rushed.

Measuring Vanity Metrics Vs. Actionable Metrics

Measuring your dealership’s website traffic is a key factor in determining which digital marketing channels are profitable and which are not. With all of the various marketing options out there for your business, are you really sure that your dealership is measuring what truly matters most?

Phone Skills Certification: Start Today and Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement Amongst Your Team

You can’t fix your phones without fixing performance gaps among those handling your calls.

How Incoming Calls Can Ruin You

It’s called owner retention and the best way to retain a customer is to provide them with the highest level of service possible and to always exceed their expectations. That usually begins with a phone call.

Guiding Your Clients to an Exceptional Experience

Have you ever gone into a place of business and immediately felt uncomfortable because you weren’t sure where to go or what to do? Many of your clients may be experiencing this same uncomfortable feeling.

Personalizing the Phone Experience

Imagine your lot is filled with only one model, all the same color and with all the same features. Would you expect sales to soar through the roof?