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STAR Standard Adds Accelerate2Compliance to its Association

ezPrivacy Compliance Platform Used by Retail Auto Dealerships Nationwide

6 Common Office Headaches and How to Get Rid of Them

Whether you’re handling physical paperwork or digital files, optical character recognition (OCR) is capable of making the task of filing exponentially faster.

National Clean Your Desk Day: Why Limit Yourself to One Day?

A messy desk isn’t just bad for productivity, it also presents a security threat.

Clean up your desk day
George Clark Joins WebBuy as Senior Vice President of Nation’s First Integrated Digital Retailing Application

George Clark, an accomplished sales, marketing and development professional with over 25 years experience, has been named senior vice president of WebBuy, the first, fully integrated, car-buying app that sells dealers’ inventory from their own websites.

How Top Employers Make New Members Feel Welcome

The first step is to communicate workplace expectations. Before any employee gets started, hiring managers should ask themselves if they’ve covered the basic things that the individual will need to do their job successfully.

JohnDow Launches Automotive Service Parts & Storage Solution

Designed to hold up to 12 different assortments of the most popular service parts. The space-saving and compact design efficiently fits in the service area, keeping parts easy to access and organized.

Making Space at the Modern Home

Autostacker re-envisions what your garage could look like from the top down. Its sole purpose is to double the parking capacity of a single parking space, yet nothing like Autostacker has ever existed in home or commercial markets.

Leaders: Either Change or FAIL

Leaders in automobile dealerships across the U.S. are inundated daily with shouts that they must change or they are going to get left behind and fail. My question is: Change may be necessary, but are we listening to others or asking questions ourselves? And secondly, are we asking the right questions?

Podcast: Time and Project Management

Bill Wittenmyer of ELEAD1ONE talks with us about project management, time management and finding solutions that work for you.

Why Keeping Task Management Simple Isn’t Stupid

Whatever your system or process, you need simple, powerful tools to help fill in the blanks and capture those great ideas that may never come again. We have all fallen susceptible to forgetting, and that’s not an option in this fast-moving world we live in.

Spring Clean Your Dealership’s Practices and Processes

It’s spring, which means everything is in transition. The weather is finally warming up, leaving behind the cold gloomy days of winter. Spring cleaning is a common practice for most households, but have you considered what spring cleaning means for your dealership?