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Podcast: Getting ROs to Your Service Lane

Strategies to get high value repair orders to your store.

The Seasons Are Changing (and so are Your Customers)

As summer comes to a close, you may have noticed more changes than just the cooling weather. Odds are, if you think back to your most recent customer interactions, you notice the demographics, wants, and needs of your customers changed slightly from what they were even a few months ago. While collective habits of your

Executive Spotlight: Naked Lime Marketing’s Chuck Worley

An OEM specialist discusses marketing trends such as how to get cars into your service lane.

Podcast: How Salespeople Can Adapt to the New Era

Travis Hafer of Naked Lime Marketing discusses how salespeople need to adapt to the times and a changing way of selling.

Taking a Holistic Approach to Your Digital Reputation, Social Media Management

The idea of your website, your social media presence and your public-facing reputation on Google or Bing all being separate entities that need separate attention is outdated.

reputation management
Looking to Bounceback? Focus on Meeting Customers’ Emerging Needs and Pent-Up Demand

It’s critical to evaluate who has and hasn’t suffered intense economic damage as a result of COVID-19, and to begin devising marketing and incentives that will appeal to each segment specifically.

Naked Lime Whitepapers and E-books Deliver Dealer Insights

2019 saw the launch of both Compass, a marketing intelligence platform that uses fact-based decision-making to target potential dealership customers, and of video creation services.

Podcast: Capitalize on Renewed Consumer Focus

Chris Walsh, president and general manager for Naked Lime Marketing, joins us to discuss how dealers can capitalize on the opportunities surrounding the renewed consumer focus on used vehicles.

How to Capitalize on the Opportunities of the Renewed Consumer Focus on Used Vehicles

Today’s car buyers conduct thorough research on where they can find the best deal, presenting an extra layer of challenges to used vehicle sales. However, there are solutions in place that can turn this into yet another opportunity by capturing digital attention, driving traffic and ultimately bringing in more revenue.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Understanding the 3 Advertising Tiers and How Vendor Partners Fit the Puzzle

For dealers, the smarter way means bringing in a trusted third party who can prove to you that they are both competent in managing a multifaceted automotive marketing strategy and aware of the need to customize for the local level while still staying OEM compliant.

Naked Lime Introduces Compass Market Intelligence Platform

Experts seek to help dealers leverage a single data set at the intersection of transactional, demographic and behavioral customer information segments.