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Leadership Podcast: Being an Effective Leader

We’ve returned with some of our past guests to discuss what one characteristic, more than any other, they feel helps them be an effective leader.

How to be An Authentic Leader

Many leaders feel that being professional in their position means being organized, focused and strong. They never let their personal life or emotions enter into relationships with their employees.

Resources for Becoming a Better Leader

A recent study found that the average American read four books in the past year, with 27 percent reporting that they hadn’t read any books. As Mark Twain famously said, ‘The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.

Leadership: Coming to Serve, Not to be Served

What is leadership? Leadership is a process of influence. Whenever you find yourself attempting to influence the thoughts and actions of others toward the achievement of a specific goal, you are engaging in leadership.

Podcast: Recalibrate Your Thinking

Sales Trainer Marsh Buice returns to share ways you can recalibrate your thinking in a stressful sales career. marshbuice.com

Marsh Buice Podcast
Characteristics of the Most Successful Leaders, Part 3

The most successful leaders influence themselves and others to find and fulfill their purpose in life and at work.  In this series, we are sharing the 30 characteristics of the most successful leaders.

Motive and Educate: What Your Team Needs From You as a Leader

No matter which vehicles you sell, what services you provide or how long you’ve been in business, your most valuable resource will always remain the same: your people. Those who make up your team will be your greatest asset or your greatest liability. As a leader, either of a team or of the entire company,