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Executive Spotlight with Kevin Bradberry of DealerSure

Kevin joins Brian in the Babcox studio to discuss how inserting an insurance quote into the deal helps both the dealership and the customer.

NADA 2022: DealerSure, Making Insurance Easy

DealerSure makes updating a customer’s auto insurance a seamless part of the auto-buying process.

Kevin Bradberry
Overcoming the Invisible Objection

Customers may not know how much they can save on insurance premiums if they don’t have access to the right resources.

10 Easy Changes You Can Make to Increase Your BDC’s Show Ratio

Here are some process changes that will significantly improve your dealership’s BDC conversion rates, but keep this in mind: you can’t fix what you can’t measure.

Podcast: Gaining Tactical Advantages

Kevin Bradberry, president of dealer services for Atlas Dealer Services, joins us to discuss how dealerships can gain a tactical advantage over price-driven competition.

Volume Vs. Gross: How to Gain the Tactical Advantage Over Price-Driven Competition

If your dealership is gross driven, you have the opportunity to be far more stable and successful and with a greater life expectancy than a dealership that is primarily volume driven. However, the pressure to compete with your high-volume neighbors may seem unavoidable.

Insurance Companies Make Billions Off Car Dealers Each Year: How Can Dealers Keep That “Food” On Their Own Plates?

When a dealer sells a car, they have to report that sale to the DMV and, in many states, (according to a New York dealer friend of mine), the dealer has only four days to let the state know.

Bull is Here, Bear is Coming. Are You Prepared?

Bear is coming because bear is always coming, and we all know it. Historical evidence shows us that market adjustments are always just one step off the unsuspecting cliff.

When Auto and Insurance Sales Collide on the Showroom Floor

In case you haven’t heard, insurance companies are placing their agencies inside dealerships across the country and within the nucleus of those dealerships an awesome collision of industries is occurring.

A Whole New Profit Center for Your Dealership

When customers visit a dealership, it’s one of the few times when insurance may actually be at the top of their mind. After choosing their vehicle and settling on a price, obtaining insurance for their new ride is one of the last, but most important steps in the process before they hit the road. This presents dealers with an opportunity to capitalize on selling an insurance policy.