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Automotive Dealers Shift to Cloud-based CRM Solutions to Meet Customer Expectations

They are increasingly installing customer relationship management (CRM) software in their backend systems to proactively identify opportunities and build customer loyalty.

Podcast: Meeting Customers’ Expectations in a Digital Era

Lori Wittman, senior vice president of dealer software solutions for Cox Automotive, joins us to discuss how dealerships can meet rising customer expectations in a digital era.

What A Dealer Should Expect from an Automotive Advertising Agency

Do you currently retain the services of an automotive advertising agency? If so, are they fulfilling all your expectations? Maybe you don’t know how to answer because you’re unsure of what expectations should be placed upon them.

What Is a Service Advisor Really Worth?

As a dealer or general manager you should visit with your advisors daily, let them know you care, acknowledge a good job, correct substandard performance immediately and edify these advisors to their customers, their managers and their fellow employees.

Digital Trust: Your Key to Long-Term Success

The digital marketing landscape is a rapidly changing one. Today, the modern shopper is armed with more intel and research on retail products and services than ever before.

How Do Your Service Advisors Measure Up?

Would you agree that you can’t “save your way to increased profitability?” If so, then why are so many dealers still missing out on earning the gross profits they deserve? The answer is … people!

AutoLoop Identifies Three Pitfalls in the Auto Retail Service Experience That Drive Customers Away

Dealerships lose more than $40 billion every year to customer defection. To find out why, AutoLoop surveyed more than 1,000 auto consumers and 100 auto dealers and discovered dealer shortcomings in three key areas: meeting consumer expectations, providing key services that keep customers engaged and focusing on the overall customer experience.

Podcast: Building a Dealership for the Future

Chris Lee, general manager of McCarthy Chevrolet, speaks with us on how to build a dealership to take on the future. mccarthychevyls.com

Podcast: Getting the Best Out of Your Team

Shane Born, COO for ProMax, speaks with us about bringing the best out of the Millennials and other generations that make up your staff.

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Setting Your Expectations for a Loyalty Program

Each visit is an opportunity to prepare for the next visit and set realistic expectations on what services will be needed.