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EasyCare Introduces TechCare Vehicle Service Contract for Auto Dealers

New VSC covers technology, electronic components and safety systems in vehicles

EasyCare Introduces New Vehicle Service Contract for Auto Dealers

VSC includes coverage for many types of vehicles and enhances consumer convenience benefits.

Are You Ready to Talk About the 5 Costs of Vehicle Ownership?

As soon as buyers drive off the lot, there’s no telling what’s around the corner.

F&I Opportunities Arising from the Chip Shortage

The chip supply issue doesn’t look like it will resolve any time soon, so how can dealers best retain profitability in the F&I department?

The 5 Moments You Can’t Afford to Miss

By thinking of these five crucial points in a customer’s buying journey and making sure you have the right content online for each, you can take your dealership to your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you.

The Right F&I Content for Each Stage of the Buying Process

Some tweaks to your site can be the ticket to selling more service contracts and keeping your customers happy.

The Data-Driven Dealer, Part 3: Listen to What Your Customers Want

In this final installment of our three-part series “The Data-Driven Dealer,” we share how to apply customer data to your marketing efforts.

The Data-Driven Dealer
The Data-Driven Dealer Series, Part 2: Reach Your Audience

Keep the lines of communication open with past buyers, even if you don’t expect them to be in the market for a new vehicle just yet.

The Data-Driven Dealer Series, Part 1: Where’s Your Data?

Successful marketing comes from understanding your customers’ identity. Building a picture of who has purchased from you helps target who is likely to buy in the future.

EasyCare Adds Truck Protection Plans, Becomes MotorTrend Recommended Best Buy

These two new programs provide three levels of mechanical breakdown coverage to fit different budgets and driving habits.

Blended Learning Delivers Maximum Impact for Your Dealership

The majority of students are more motivated to learn in a blended learning environment. And considering that millennials find job training to be very important, it’s critical to have a multi-channel training plan in place to meet these tech savvy learners.

EasyCare Partners with Darwin to Provide Full Suite of Digital Retailing Options to Dealers

By this partnership, EasyCare will be a preferred partner for Darwin’s premier F&I menu system, as well as their digital retailing and consumer self-service tool.