Blended Learning Delivers Maximum Impact for Your Dealership
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Blended Learning Delivers Maximum Impact for Your Dealership

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It’s no secret that dealership turnover is higher than in other industries, and the cost of losing an employee in the first year can be up to three times their salary in lost revenue; not to mention recruiting costs and more. So, it’s critical to engage employees early on and keep that momentum going.

Training is one of the top ways employers can keep employees and bring out the best in them. As a matter of fact, seven out of 10 employees say that training and development opportunities influence their decision to stay with a company.1 Yet, when it comes to learning, one size doesn’t fit all.


There are three primary types of learners — visual, auditory and kinesthetic, or hands-on.2

  • Visual learners primarily retain information they can read or see.
  • Auditory learners primarily retain information they can hear.
  • Kinesthetic learners primarily retain information by using their hands or bodies.

Organizations are using a blended learning approach to meet the needs of these different types of students. Combining traditional classroom instruction, active role-playing, online learning and independent study creates a new, hybrid teaching model that serves a wider array of students. It’s a fundamental change in the way instructors and students approach the learning experience.3


Components of Blended Learning for Different Learning Types


  • Live classroom instruction
  • Online videos reinforcing in-class instruction


  • Live classroom instruction guided by visual presentation
  • Online videos with visual aids
  • Course materials and guides
  • Writing assignments


  • Active role-playing with instructor and peers
  • Writing and in-class participation assignments

The proof is in the numbers — 59% of students are more motivated to learn in a blended learning environment.4 And considering that millennials, who will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, find job training to be very important, it’s critical to have a multi-channel training plan in place to meet these tech savvy learners.5


Making a True Impact on Every Student

A blended learning approach appeals to all styles of learners at your dealership. Look for courses that include elements that suit each learning type — instructor-led training, workbooks, illustrative charts and infographics, role-playing exercises and online training. They also should cover a wide variety of topics and employ a mix of video-based learning and companion guides that give students many ways to retain the material.





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