The Right F&I Content for Each Stage of the Buying Process
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The Right F&I Content for Each Stage of the Buying Process

Blog courtesy of EasyCare


With prospective car buyers spending an average of eight hours online researching their planned purchase, more often than not they’re ready to buy, not just browse, by the time they enter a dealership. Every picture you take of your inventory and post online could be the one detail that drives a buyer to your lot, prepared to make a purchase.

But is your website also selling the value of a service contract?

Some tweaks to your site can be the ticket to selling more service contracts and keeping your customers happy. Here are some suggestions for the content you need to have online to keep vehicle coverage top of mind for buyers at every stage during the sales process.


Before the Sale

When a customer is browsing your website looking for the right car, make sure your service contract coverage is just as easy to find. Videos, PDFs or detailed coverage descriptions on your site can plant the seed about the importance of service contracts with your customers. If your VSC provider has your best interest in mind, these things should be easy to obtain and could be as simple as using an embed code from a video on their website.

During the Sale

In the F&I office, having the right videos on your site to share with buyers could be the difference between significant profit or a missed opportunity.


Videos that explain coverage in additional detail allows the customer to feel as if they’re discovering value on their own rather than being “sold” another product. This added level of trust and objectivity to the F&I process instantly helps customers feel more comfortable during one of the more uncomfortable aspects of their vehicle purchase.

Drive home the value of service contract coverage with videos or infographics that talk about the cost of typical repairs — showing how expensive they can be highlights just how damaging they would for a monthly budget.

After the Sale

If a customer needs more information about their service contract or needs to file a claim, having a one-stop resource for VSC questions on your site will ensure their post-sale experience is seamless and straightforward.


They may not fully recall all the details about their coverage or even the company that administers the contract, but they’ll certainly remember you. And if you’ve helped your customers find information about key features of their service contracts, you can avoid any potential blow-back from angry customers already frustrated from a vehicle breakdown.

With content readily available online that outlines proper claims procedures, customers can navigate the claims process with as few roadblocks as possible, ensuring a quick and painless experience.

Today’s buyers are always connected. Providing easy access to tools and resources online has never been more critical to reach and influence shoppers at any point during a sale — and service contracts are no exception.

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