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How AI Enhances Vehicle Merchandising

AI can ensure that your dealership’s online experience matches the meticulous appearance of your actual lot.

Podcast: Digital Showroom

Ken Tomaro, CEO of OptionSoft, discusses how dealers can improve their digital showrooms.

Dealer-Focused Webinar: ARE YOU THERE?

Insignia Group is launching a LIVECast series focused on the need to approach and engage customers where they live and work.

Digital Retailing Requires Digital Showrooms

For an immersive and educational online car-buying experience, videos are the answer.

VinSolutions and INFINITI ICAR-X App Integration Enhances the Digital Showroom Experience with Merged Databases

VinSolutions and INFINITI announce the integration between INFINITI’s ICAR-X Sales app and VinSolutions Connect CRM, combining the two databases to give retailers unabridged access to key customer information from one centralized source.