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MAX Digital Announces Access to OEM Window Stickers at No Additional Cost

The Monroney sticker was created to provide a minimum mandatory standard of detailed information available for all new car buyers.

Coronavirus Impact & Rebuilding Automotive Retail This Summer

When consumer focus returns to car buying, will you be ready?

MAX Digital Offers Customers Additional Services at No Charge

The company is focusing on the areas where they can lift financial burdens, so that dealerships can see what works for them without any cost or commitment.

MAX Digital Announces in-Market Retail Program with GM

Using their iMR funds, participating GM dealers can significantly reduce expenses on high-performance products.

MAX BDC is 3-Way Collaborative Tool for BDC, Customer, Sales

MAX Digital’s MAX BDC is a collaborative tool designed to give BDC staff instant access to the information they need.

MAX Digital Launches New Product to Empower BDC Staff

MAX BDC is a three-way collaborative tool for the BDC, customer and salesperson.

What’s Missing in the Car Buying Process? A Customer Point of View

If a customer can get last year’s top model delivered to their doorstep, how willing are they to endure a poor experience? In this new world of “digital retail” how can you simplify all of this for your customers and future proof your dealership?

MAX Digital Launches Smart Trade Valuation Tool

Early in the shopping experience, consumers want to get a quick estimate without any strings attached of what their trade-in might be worth.

MAX Digital Adds Service Upgrades to Platform

Dealerships using the MAX data platform, including MAX Digital Showroom and MAX Ad products are able to feature the work the dealership has done to get a used-car frontline ready.

MAX Digital Launches Collaborative Trade-In Process Tool

MAX Digital, the dealer-first digital retail software provider for the automotive industry, has launched MAX My Trade, a guided experience that improves the trade-in process for dealership teams and customers.

MAX Digital and LotVantage Partner to Make Social Lead Generation Easy for Dealerships

Participating dealers can leverage the full range of LotVantage services, including ad placement on Craigslist, Facebook, eBay and YouTube, with any of the MAX tools for inventory management, digital retailing or showroom collaboration with MAX Syndication.

MAX Digital Partnership with Lotpop Doubles Up Service and Savings for Dealerships

Lotpop provides the staffing and system guidance and ongoing consistent review of dealership inventory processes to build sustained results over time.