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Executive Spotlight with Brad King of Dealermade

King discusses the importance of dealers’ sites to be interactive and show their cars in the best way possible.

Growing the Future During COVID-19

Put your sales force to work contacting customers regarding finance offers on all service work.

Picture Marketing — See Results

Great pictures placed in movement will bring phenomenal results in your marketing efforts.

Leadership Podcast: Growing and Developing as a Leader

We’re returned to some of our past guests to get their thoughts on what they are doing to ensure they continue to grow and develop as a leader.

Creating an Image

Providing a high attention to detail in creating images will be perceived as the experience customers can expect within your operations.

Podcast: Photo Quality Affects Consumers’ Trust

Brad King, president of Dealermade, joins us to discuss your inventory photo quality and how that affects consumer trust.

The Value of Quality Vehicle Photos

Most dealers realize the importance of quality pictures, but less than perfect results can actually do more harm than good.

Pictures, Automated

Have you ever dreamed of driving your vehicle into a studio at your dealership, pushing a button and driving out after 90 seconds with all your interior and exterior pictures instantly published online? This technology exists today.

Time is Money: Automating Vehicle Photos

Great pictures have always delivered faster turn rates and enhanced values. In today’s competitive market, having quality pictures online has never been more important to dealerships. A customer will never make it to your beautiful store to see your multimillion-dollar investment unless your pictures stand out from other stores.

Management 101: Missed Opportunities

A general manager has many responsibilities — from hiring management positions, developing short- and long-term goals, forecasting, advertising and merchandising strategies, to increasing profitability — basically nothing short of being the responsible party for all operations.