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Picture Marketing — See Results

A visual representation is a very effective manner to present details about a promotion versus a text description. You can achieve higher engagement percentages within your marketing efforts by utilizing a system that can deliver media with new methods that enhance results through uniquely utilizing pictures. 

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How do you show a prospective customer a vehicle via email? You send a picture. 

The challenge is that every dealer within the customer’s search process is using the same method, so how do you stand out? 

The most important asset to never overlook is to deliver a great quality picture. 

Once that is achieved, dealers can utilize the current technologies that transform a series of pictures into a small file GIF. The GIF can then be used to present the vehicle via email. 

Since the GIF shows the spinning vehicle automatically moving when the email is opened, it grabs the reader’s attention, prevents them from clicking the delete button and helps you standout over your competitors. 


Use this compilation of pictures in motion, combined with a short message and a link to the vehicle online and you’re on your way to making the sale.


The ability to create storyboard promotions with your media is a powerful method to communicate your message. 

Storyboards are especially effective with promotions. Think of any promotion you desire. For example, let’s call it “Special Financing.” A filter is created for used vehicles, less than 2016, over 60k miles. Next, we’ll schedule a start date and end date. Now let’s build the storyboard: the first picture will be the front right picture of the vehicle, next custom art from the online library is pulled for the second picture, then drag the rear quarter picture of the vehicle and an overlay onto the picture for the third. Continue the process until you’ve told your story. 


The system will create this storyboard automatically for every vehicle that matches these criteria and send it to your website and all third parties (AutoTrader, Cars.com, etc.). Then it will change it back to the standard export layout when the promotion is over. 

How many promotions do you want to build? They can also be created for specific third parties too, allowing a marketing manager to layout and schedule the entire year’s campaign in one sitting.

Social Media

You can also utilize systems that push these media types to your social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) automatically.


Great pictures placed in movement or are interactive will bring phenomenal results in your marketing efforts. Tell your story with the help of the industry’s latest technologies to get the best returns for your efforts. Always make sure your starting point is a great picture, it’s your first impression.

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