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AutoLeadStar announced its seamless API-level integration with FUSE

Deals get done faster with a lower cost to sell. Customers get the best, most competitive terms. Everyone wins.

Carzato, AutoLeadStar Announce Partnership

Carzato is able to provide a unique platform that utilizes online technology together with artificial intelligence to level the playing field.

Carzato, AutoLeadStar Announce Partnership

Carzato announced its partnership with AutoLeadStar (ALST) to offer superior media buying services for dealerships.

AutoLeadStar Finds Technology-Driven Marketing Increases Leads by 4.5x

Inventory shortages, an end to the buyer surge that we saw this summer and a general malaise over websites and offers as the holidays loom, mean dealerships need to be more savvy than ever before with their ad strategies and dollars.

AutoLeadStar Introduces New Inventory Ad Management Feature

Dealers using Acquire are now able to enter pre-set conditions for the vehicles they need to move (or hold onto).

Podcast: Marketing Trends

Aharon Horwitz, CEO of AutoLeadStar, discusses trends and strategies for the next phase of automotive.

AutoLeadStar Helps Walser Auto Group Increase Leads by 33%

Acquire, powered by artificial intelligence, leverages thousands of data points to strategically place ads on search engines, social media and internet websites.

AutoLeadStar Releases Benchmark Report on Post COVID-19 Era

The report explores four major trends that will reshape automotive and bring about transformation similar to the disruption seen by digital companies like and AutoTrader in the late ’90s.