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10 Ways to Increase Show Rates at Your Dealership

Utilizing these 10 strategies on a regular basis will increase show rates at your dealership.

Why You Are Doing Your Automotive Advertising Completely Wrong

Are your auto ads not attracting new leads? Here are a few of the common mistakes dealers make and what to do instead.

Be an Appointment-Setting Machine

Inviting customers into the dealership is only valuable if they actually show up. While extending an invitation is a great first step, it’s how you go about inviting prospective buyers to stop by that determines show rate.

Kelley Blue Book Launches All-New Auto Repair Guide

Kelley Blue Book announces its new Auto Repair Guide experience, addressing both consumer and automotive industry needs for a principal source of trustworthy recommendations related to servicing and maintaining a vehicle.

Putting Your Customer FIRST Builds Lasting Relationships

If your dealership is experiencing a decline in customer pay traffic and/or scoring at average or below in your CSI rankings, then chances are you are not putting your customer first.

How to Accelerate Profits Through a Slowdown

If your parts and service departments are already profitable, then of course you realize this $201,600 drops straight down to net operating profit.

You Are Not Running a Democracy

The whole team needs to “buy in” to change when it comes to improving customer satisfaction and retention, increasing profitability and giving a dealer the kind of return on their investment that they deserve. It’s not an option.

Podcast: Gaining Tactical Advantages

Kevin Bradberry, president of dealer services for Atlas Dealer Services, joins us to discuss how dealerships can gain a tactical advantage over price-driven competition.

CRISP: Firm Appointments Ensure a 3x Higher Show Rate

Spending a bunch of money on training programs and targeted advertising to improve show rate? I have a simpler solution. Start doing more with the phone leads you’re already driving by setting firm appointments.

How to Hold Successful Meetings with Your Staff

These best practices should help you instantly elevate your game and help keep your employees interested — and dare I say — excited, for your next meeting.

3 Rules for Profitable Service Marketing

Want an ROI that will produce for you the record profits that you deserve? Follow these three rules.

CRISP Series: Connect More Callers, Sell More Cars

Once a dealer recognizes the Connection plague affecting his/her rooftop and takes action upon it, customer retention heightens, CSI scores jump and sales ramp up.