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CarNow Joins the Amazon Web Services Partner Network

This automotive dealership operations software looks to be enhanced through incorporation of Amazon Web Services (AWS) generative AI tools.


AWS helps provide purpose-built industry solutions to automakers, dealers and partner technology companies, serving as the preferred global cloud provider for many automotive-related companies focused on transforming their businesses, helping them to improve business-to-business integration, data management, and ultimately, more personalized customer journeys.

Autosoft Collaborates with AWS for Seamless Car Buying

Members of the Autosoft team will be onsite at CES to showcase the capabilities and seamless data flow dealers will have access to.

EVgo, Amazon Launch EV Charger Navigation Experience

Drivers with Alexa-enabled vehicles and others with Echo Auto can now ask Alexa to help them find a nearby charging station.

Marketing Tips for Electric Cars and Alternative-Fuel Auto Advertisers

From microchips to lithium batteries, technology is revolutionizing the future of ground transportation. Electric vehicles (EVs) have now become top of mind for many US households. About 40% of new vehicle shoppers are considering purchasing an EV within the next 12 months.1 With the rise of pioneers and challenger automakers, incumbent automakers are off to the

The ‘Amazon Argument’ Doesn’t Work Anymore

The pandemic hyper-accelerated the convenience economy and it’s here to stay.

Major Companies are Protecting their Brand with .dealer Domains

Just like area codes rolled out in the last century, so too will domain names emerge across the internet to direct traffic, automate searches and support scalability.

I’m a Franchised Auto Dealer. Should I Find a New Job?

Companies such as Amazon, CarMax, Google and Tesla were once thought to be outliers that would never change or impact the car business. But they have directly become engrained in the U.S. auto retailing landscape. Does this keep you up at night?

Digital Retailing Now an End-to-End Buying Experience

Intuitive, consumer-friendly technology facilitates the entire sale, from identifying the vehicle, setting a price, locking in a firm trade-in value, digitally auto-decisioning loan approvals, facilitating an “Amazon-like” checkout and taking possession of the new car.

Discovering Digital Retail Success

As the momentum behind digital retailing in the auto industry began to pick up speed a few years ago, Stephen Taylor Jr. and his father knew the time had come.

Darwin Automotive’s Darwin Direct Enables Auto Dealers to Provide Amazon-Like Self-Serve F&I Functionality 24/7

Dealerships can now empower customers to purchase, contract, e-sign and pay for F&I products 100-percent on their own, 24/7.

Customers Want Easy: Just Ask Alexa

Give your customers a pleasant surprise they’ll tell their friends about. Alexa isn’t the only thing that runs by word of mouth.