Outsell Introduces Converter Suite of Products

Outsell Introduces Converter Suite of Products

Outsell is offering a 20% discount on the Converter Suite for early adopters who sign up at NADA 2024.

Outsell has unveiled The Converter Suite of Products, which comprises three powerful products – Identity Resolution, Connect Plus and Conquest 2.0 – each offering unique capabilities to enhance customer engagement, drive sales and provide unprecedented insights, the company announced in a press release.

Outsell said the company prioritizes staying connected with their clients and values the feedback received from dealers and their Innovator Board. In 2023, their Product Roadmap was built from the feedback received and this new Converter Suite of Products addresses top needs and wants from the dealers and innovators. Results show enhanced customer retention, an even greater boost in gross profit and optimization of marketing efficiencies.

“Today’s customers demand a personalized experience, and Identity Resolution within the Converter Suite of Products is our answer to that demand,” said Senior Vice President of Product Innovation Gary Marcotte. “It empowers dealers to not only understand but anticipate customer needs, driving sales, service, and retention like never before.”

Ever wonder what your customers are doing on your website? Identity Resolution tracks known shopper behavior on dealer websites, utilizing this data to drive more sales, service and retention. Starting from the first Outsell engagement, it identifies known customers and tracks 67% more website activity, leading to better identification of customer interests, improved predictive models, and engagement with 30% more customers through tailored messages.

Connect Plus extends intelligence and engagement into the dealer’s first-party data systems, making immediate action easier and seamless. It automatically pushes the latest engagement and insights, increasing efficiency by eliminating the need to leave the system of record. Dealers gain access to the latest customer insights, recent communications, engagement metrics, and Customer Value scores. Additionally, the daily Scouting Report alerts dealers to the latest opportunities, ensuring timely and informed decision-making.

Rethinking conquest, Conquest 2.0 is a new take on turning lost leads, disposers, and net new prospects into customers. Leveraging first-party data, it targets defectors within the dealer’s database, both CRM and DMS, resulting in nearly a threefold improvement in opens and engagement compared to third-party conquest alone. The product offers omnichannel first-party conquest campaigns that win back and conquest for sales and service as well as supplemental third-party conquest targeting to gain new customers and drive new sales.

“Closing the customer journey loop with Outsell, incorporating website activity and driving relevant engagement for our online shoppers, is the ideal progression for our Customer Engagement Platform,” said Shaun Kniffin, marketing and technology director of Germain Motor Company. “As an Innovator Board member, witnessing our feedback translate into 2024 innovations resulting from intuitive discussions about our dealerships’ core focus – our customers – is truly gratifying. Being part of the beta groups allows us to witness these products in action. By converting website traffic to sales through advanced identity resolution techniques, we’ve already observed a remarkable 24% increase in conversion rates among targeted website shoppers.”

Outsell is offering a limited-time 20% discount on the Converter Suite for early adopters who sign up between February 1 and 4 at NADA Conference 2024. Visit Booth #4801W or contact the sales team at [email protected] before February 4 to secure this exclusive offer.

For more information, visit outsell.com.

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