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Cut the Marketing, Keep the Leads

The reality is, we don’t have inventory to match demand right now. So why are you spending so much on advertising?

Using Video Experience Landing Pages to ‘Sell the Dealership’

Before selling a car, dealers have to sell the dealership to the customer, and the key to this is through online video marketing.

Today’s Bizzaro Automotive World: Dealers Advertising to Acquire Cars

With these tips and techniques, dealers can gain more control over acquiring the right used inventory at the right price.

3 Video Marketing FAQs, Answered

You spend a lot of money to bring car shoppers to your website, here are ways to keep them there for as long as possible.

Your SEO Sucks. Here’s Why

This title isn’t bait or hyperbole. Even the most digitally savvy dealers can benefit from these SEO strategies.

Value-Building Starts with Displaying Added Investments

Transparency here means sharing with customers exactly how your dealership reconditioned the vehicle they are considering.

4 CRM Customizations to Boost Sales Results

Get the most out of a CRM system by customizing marketing, employee and buyer processes.

Let’s Talk about Data and the Pillars of Success

By leveraging data outside of the DMS, it’s possible to create incremental opportunities. The DMS is not the sole source of truth today.

3 Ways Vendors Take Advantage of Misinformed Auto Dealers

Take your time when selecting a new vendor and ensure they are a great fit and a true partner.

Harness the Power of Your Owner Base with an Equity Mining Platform

Equity mining makes for increased customer loyalty, efficient and cost-effective marketing and even quality leads on pre-owned vehicles.

How to Bring Customers Down Funnel with Video

Following a high-to-low funnel video marketing strategy, adding videos to a dealership website is an easy way to increase sales.

Digital Retailing Is Here to Stay

Rather than viewing digital retail as the enemy, instead, view it as an extension of your showroom that helps you make that sale.