ANSED Sensor Simulator Actuates Output Signals

ANSED Sensor Simulator Actuates Output Signals

The Sensor Simulator will allow the technician to know if the issue is a faulty sensor or a wiring defect. It is especially useful for wiring tests.

ANSED Diagnostic Solutions introduces the new HU31035 Sensor Simulator, made by HUBITOOLS in Europe, a market leader and creator of innovative diagnostic tools.

This tool simulates and actuates the output signal from automotive sensors; frequency, voltage and test sequences.

Simulate most sensors, injectors or actuators including ABS, lambda, EGR, CkP, knock and MAP.

Simulator functions: resistance, voltage, sine wave, square wave, temp coefficient sensors, throttle and pedal sensor sequences, and oxygen sensor testing mode and simulated mode.

The Sensor Simulator will allow the technician to know if the issue is a faulty sensor or a wiring defect. It is especially useful for wiring tests. It allows you to eliminate the need to replace sensors that work perfectly fine; the investment quickly pays for itself.

The HUBITOOLS HU31035 Sensor Simulator is an essential instrument for any technician working on today’s vehicles.  Extremely easy to use, but comprehensive.

Easily use in combination with the HU31025 SCOPE+

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