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ACERTUS Named NIADA’s Preferred Vehicle Logistics Vendor

New strategic partnership means thousands of independent dealers in the United States can now move vehicles faster and more efficiently

Aftermarket Service Providers Present Key Advantages

The study measures customer satisfaction with aftermarket service facilities, providing a numerical index ranking of the highest-performing facilities in the U.S. aftermarket.

How Price Expectations Can Tank Dealer Reputations

It’s no secret that dealers are enjoying record-breaking margins right now. Thanks to the squeeze on new inventory combined with soaring demand as we move into post-pandemic life, it’s never been more common for consumers to have to pay MSRP (or higher) to avoid missing out on a vehicle purchase altogether. This isn’t inherently a

Luxury Auto Group Test Drives Messenger Ads to Push Courtesy Vehicle Sales

How can a dealership drive sales using Facebook Messenger ads and virtual BDC operators? It is no surprise that advertising with a direct messaging component would have great success. Messenger ads are one of the most effective ways to open a conversation with a potential customer lead.

Podcast: Merchandising Vehicles for the Next Generation

John Hensman, VP and general manager of HomeNet, joins us to discuss merchandising vehicles for the next generation.

Are You Making Your Service Techs’ Lives Easier or Harder?

Helping your service department succeed can pay dividends in profit, customer experience and security. 

3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Summer Reconditioning Process

Staying focused on your margins, and mindful of recon expenses and timing, will keep you at maximum profitability through the summer months and beyond.

What’s in the Tank? Treat the Fuel to Get Top Dollar for Each Unit

Dealers selling trade-in vehicles can never know for sure how old the gas is or its quality. Fuel degrades as it ages, losing octane and forming gums that can affect how well the engine starts and runs.

Podcast: Moving Inventory with a Photos-First Workflow

Rapid Recon’s Dennis McGinn speaks with us about using a photos-first workflow to sell inventory more quickly.

Dennis McGinn Podcast