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Executive Spotlight with Skip Dowd of Xcite Automotive

Xcite Automotive partners with dealerships to get quality photographs online in a timely and efficient manner.

Why It’s Important to Photograph Blemishes on Reconditioned Vehicles

Whether the reconditioned vehicle has scrapes, dents and scratches on the exterior, or even wear and tear with the interior, it’s important for dealership photographer vendors to be transparent and offer to display features of these blemishes on the dealership’s online vehicle detail page (VDP) to ultimately help the customer make an informed buying decision.

Executive Spotlight with Peter Duffy of Dealer Image Pro

Dealers can learn important lessons in vehicle photography and ways to best display their cars online.

Vehicle Photography in Today’s Digital Retail World

Consumers are making many of their consideration and purchase decisions based on the vehicle photos they see online.

Dealer Image Pro
Dealer Image Pro Makes Car Dealership Photography Easy

Dealer Image Pro provides fully scalable automotive merchandising software technology, proper photography instruction, quality control and support to auto dealers to ensure a superior outcome for their customers.

Picture Gaining ORDER Over CHAOS

It’s important to meet a visitor’s expectation of quality pictures and an interactive experience.

Technology: Keep It in the Family

A good partner can provide a program to start with an entry product that is built to grow into the next offering.

What’s Your Online Merchandising Wow Factor?

If you’re using static photos to market a $50,000+ vehicle, and particularly stock photos from the manufacturer, you are doing car shoppers a great disservice.

Picture Marketing — See Results

Great pictures placed in movement will bring phenomenal results in your marketing efforts.

Creating an Image

Providing a high attention to detail in creating images will be perceived as the experience customers can expect within your operations.