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3 Ways to Train Your Dealership MVPs on the Phone

A poorly trained, ill-equipped or unmotivated receptionist can cost you a lot of business. Don’t let that happen at your store.

Are Your Phone Lines Hack-Proof?

You know to protect your dealership computer system from hackers, but what about your phone system?

3 Danger Signs Your Phone Systems are Letting You Down

Phone calls to your dealership are your best bet to engage with low-funnel, high-quality consumers who are ready to buy. Make sure your phone systems are healthy by keeping an eye out for these three easy-to-fix danger signs.

7 KPIs to Connect with Every Caller

Dealerships lose hundreds of sales opportunities every year because of missed or mishandled phone calls. On average, a dealership fails to connect with 33% of incoming calls. For every 100 calls, that means you’re missing out on 33 potential deals.