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Start Using the Right Data to Target Customers

Data-as-a-service companies are enabling brands to engage with people exactly when they are shopping: to understand their behavior, their desires and to be able to make the right offer at the right time, in real time.

Podcast: The Future of Automotive Research and Shopping

Gina Callari, COO of Evox Images and RelayCars, joins us to discuss driving the future of automotive research and shopping.

When Going Shopping for a DRS, Keep Best-in-Class ‘Musts’ in Mind

Whatever DRS platform you integrate into your dealership, be prepared to train your sales team on this new tool.

CarGurus Boosts Its Digital Retail Offering with Capital One Auto Finance Partnership

CarGurus shoppers who are pre-qualified for financing through this partnership will now know more about purchasing their vehicle before they go to the dealership.

Car Buyers Visiting Fewer Dealerships, Making Faster Decisions as Online Engagement Rises

The number of dealerships visited in the car-buying process also continues to drop.

Car and Driver and DealerScience Announce Car Shopping’s First Accurate Consumer Payment Tool

While accurate pricing is common on many other retail shopping sites, it hasn’t existed in the auto shopping process until now.

Three Ways Data Can Help Your Dealership Beat the Competition

When your dealership masters and utilizes the information accessible to you — whether in terms of industry knowledge, technology updates or lead details — you go far beyond enhancing your own knowledge; you can map better strategies, provide a better customer experience and reach more shoppers.

Death of Brick and Mortar Isn’t Inevitable

The days of walking into a store and purchasing an item are becoming a thing of the past. The rising trend of online shopping epitomized in retail sales has been no stranger to the automotive space, either.

Up in a Down Market: Navigating the Evolving Customer Experience, Part 3

I believe, eventually, you’ll be able to do everything online and have the dealership deliver to the home. For people who want that, that will be more of the norm in five to 10 years. Of course, there will still be some people who’ll want to come in, drive the car and shop.

Three Reasons Modern Customers Need a Modern Sales Strategy

Today’s customers have unique expectations. But if you shift your sales strategy, you can meet all of them and close more with modern buyers.