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Preventing Brake Comebacks

When machining a rotor, you have two primary goals: provide a smooth surface finish for the pads and provide a true surface finish.

Understanding Performance Brake Components

Consumers’ passion for an upgraded appearance of the brake system can be a way to actually elevate the importance of brake system performance, while giving you a new sales opportunity and a way to differentiate your brake service offerings from other shops.

Brake Pad & Rotor Matching

There are a few things a shop can do to keep the dreaded comeback from happening. Start by making a policy that all of your techs must check for runout after installing any rotor.

brake pad and rotor matching
Raybestos Expands Line of Element3 Coated Rotors

In certain climates if a rotor is uncoated, corrosion and rust can begin to form immediately.

Raybestos Expands Performance Rotor Coverage

Raybestos Performance Rotors are made with application-specific enhanced iron, which suppresses noise and keeps brakes running cool, quiet and vibration free.