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Developing a Data-Curious Culture at Your Dealership

AI, BI, Big-Data, Machine-Learning. These are just some of the buzzwords being thrown around in today’s business environment. Who benefits from these concepts and technologies? Is it just the big-box retailers or the industrials, or can your dealership use them too?

Dealer Panel: What’s One Habit That One of Your Salespeople Has That Inspires or Produces Great Results?

Our Dealer Panel gives voice to dealers, GMs and sales professionals to share their experiences — sales techniques, new technology and ways to motivate staff — giving our readers the benefit of learning from their peers.

Top 5 Video Marketing Myths Busted

In virtually every industry, the use of video marketing has skyrocketed in the last few years. Auto dealers have been slower to adapt, but the majority have tried video marketing with varying degrees of success.

Community Auto Dealers: It’s Time to Compete!

Dealers in the network will be able to leverage creative talent and technology to generate more sales and service business and build relationships for future sales too.

Emerging Frontrunner: The Power of Video

Armed with this knowledge, it’s time to take a look at your dealership’s video strategy. How does it fit into your greater comprehensive marketing approach? Are you leveraging this channel to its full potential right now and giving yourself a foundation to build on in the near future?

Goals, Vision and Your Team

No one does their best work in a vacuum; we all need feedback and a sense of where we are in the process.