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Presenting Maintenance is Not a Choice, It’s a Responsibility

How would your clients feel if, while leaving your store, someone shared that their advisor didn’t tell them about all of the maintenance recommendations for their vehicle? Do you think they would be mad, disappointed, surprised?

Podcast: Putting Value Into Your Sales Presentation

Chris Saraceno of the Kelly Automotive Group speaks with us about ways to put value into your sales presentation.

Chris Saraceno
Cold Calls: Separating Trash from Treasure

There are, quite a few companies out there worthy of your time and have the potential of making, or saving, money for you. But which ones deserve your attention? Remember, your time is precious.

Virtual Reality: What’s the Big Deal?

The auto industry is evolving rapidly, but no innovation has as much potential to move buyers faster to a purchase with a unique and compelling presentation as virtual reality. We’re just at the beginning of what this exciting new technology can offer dealers.