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Alignment Tips to Increase Productivity and Profits

Here are 10 tips to help make your alignment services profitable and productive.

Fixing a Steering-Pull Condition

If a customer comes to your service department with a steering-pull complaint, never jump to conclusions about what’s really wrong.

steering pull
Detecting Hose Problems Before They Explode

The majority of hoses on a vehicle will fail from the inside out. Most failures take many heat cycles to occur.

Power Steering Hoses: There’s a Reason They Failed

Hoses typically leak around the crimped connections between hard and soft lines.

Electric Power Steering: More Than Just an Assist

Electric power steering is quickly becoming a standard feature on new vehicles, but it’s not an emerging technology. It’s been in the field for the better part of two decades. Now, electric power steering has continued to advance by making autonomous safety features possible.

Electronic Power Steering: More Than Just An Assist

The electric motor has evolved to the point where it can now take control of the vehicle. More powerful motors allow the vehicle to park itself and even nudge a car back into its lane if the system detects a drift due to a distracted driver.